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Leaf Spring Identification

Patrick Tipton

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I am sorting through my T24 suspension and finding lots of subtle differences in components between the T24 suspension with its 15 inch tracks and the various later versions of M29/M29C with different variations of the 20 inch track.

There are several different leaf springs used on the T24/M29 series. 

The T24 has 3 part numbers: an 11 leaf front spring, two 9 leaf middle springs and a 13 leaf rear spring.

 The later M29 and M29C were shipped with 8 leaf spring packs, although the front and rear have one part number and the center springs have another part number.  I don't know what the difference is between these springs.

There are a lot of Weasels running around with tracks that don't run well.  Lots of reasons for this, but incorrectly placed springs could be another because it ends up causing alignment issues.  The other thing to note is that there are lots of changes to the various arms and yokes etc. over the course of production.  If you have alignment issues, it may be mix matched suspension components.

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