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What kind of tracks are these?


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I have this track, it is belted, with reasonably heavy duty grousers . 

Can I have input on what they are and how they last?

Anyone know if they had rubber road pads? (I dont really see any)




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@RAS1 They are called Ambillary tracks. I can't be sure of the spelling. Post war production and used extensively in Antarctica. Photo below showing an EPF Weasel fitted with them. No for the road pads. They also attached Ice grousers to them. The LAR tracks were based on this design. Is that your new floater project? Do share😀




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Thanks for the info! I thought they looked similar to Lars tracks.

I will make a separate entry on my weasel adventures. Needless to say, patrick was right. Somehow weasels seem to multiply....its never good enough to have just 1. I took the advice of many posts on here, if you want a floater, it's better to buy a complete unit rather than piecing 1 together. 



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