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T15 tracks


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Do you have grousers?  If yes, Mike Howard is working on new bands - they were supposed to be ready this fall but I am guessing you are looking at summer 2022.

I believe that the M7 snow tractor used the same tracks at the T15, just a different length.

If you don't have grousers and track guides, I think I would make them out of c channel and conveyor belting.  You could cast the track guides.  Not original, but at least you could run it!

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Check out my T15 restoration  at this link https://forum.portrayalpress.com/topic/313-dans-t15-restoration/ I am not sure the shape of your tracks but I was able to add reinforcing belt to mine. PM me if you want more detailed info. As to the Mike Howard bands my understanding is they are in testing phase . Not sure how much they will be but probably expensive.  It would be great to see some pictures.



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I should have enough grousers and guides to build 4 tracks. I have all of the rivots ground out of 2 tracks and are ready to bolt up to something. We built and sold lots of belting kits for the m29 tracks but never came up with any good solutions for the T15/m7 tracks. My father and I lost interest in the project and moved on to a half track and scout car projects.

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