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Track Rubber Pads Glue


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Hi guys! The main point of concern with weasels is usually its tracks.. So with mine, i want to restore/update them as much as possible. The tracks are Norwegian reenforced with chainlinks, and they have the extra heavyduty rubber band on the inside. But, the small rubber block that are in contact with the road are pretty far gone, some are even missing. My question is, does anyone have experience glueing new ones on? I have bought Uhu Multifest 2 component adhesive for a little test. Are there any tips or recommendations on what glue or rubber to use?  Thanks in advance!! 

Kind regards, 

Pips, from the Netherlands

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Greetings.  Not familiar with the glue you reference.  I have been exploring the glues used to retread big truck tires.  I have not tried them, but as I understand it, they use a form of cyanoacrylate glues...."super glue".  There are also some two part synthetic rubber - polymers- that might work. 

I am rebuilding a similar set of tracks - right now I am not installing the road pads but I am thinking about trying to glue rubber blocks to the conveyor belting I am using to join the tracks. 

Keep us posted!

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