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So, it begins. After years of wanting one and a retirement promise, I just received my Weasel.  It is body # M-29-3165, it is serial # 3417.  It is marked with registration # 40176558.  I know that I am at least the fourth owner of this machine since import from Norway as I bought it from Greg, who bought it from Porter who got it in a trade.  So anyone who knows anything about this machine please contact me.

It is pretty on the outside and is very complete.   It has the front Grill, a nice windscreen, all three wipers, all four seats, the handheld spotlight behind the drivers seat with the lamp portion stored behind the drivers side rear seat.  The flap in the air intake at the front of the machine is complete and functional.  She starts and idles nicely.  The floor plate and demo box are in poor shape.  They are there just a lot of rust through around the edges.  The original 55 track on the weasel is in nice shape with all original rivets in place.  The weasel came with a complete set of spare 55 grouser track that still has the original rivets in it.  It does have one patch using conveyor belt on one of the tracks.  I also received 4 or 5 NOS grousers about a dozen NOS center guides and a smattering of road wheels, and bogie carriers, a bell housing, an engine plate, and a flywheel.  It also has three NOS or new made Sheetmetal pieces that go between the engine and the fuel tank and battery area along with a new made piece of sheet metal that mounts behind the drivers seat at the floor.

The bad is that under those seats and floor panels is a lot of patching and reinforcing.  Hat channels replaced with square tube sections and patches in a lot of places.  There is enough extra metal and welding that it appears to me that this thing will never fail structurally.  Someday maybe I can do a complete Pat Tipton kind of tub restoration but not anytime soon.  This machine is to be driven and enjoyed and be displayed at our living history events.

The immediate need it to replace repair or make a new throttle cable.  I have ordered a new assembly:

G179-657-3016  N.O.S.   Cable, accelerator w/tube & yokes           SD905529

from David Yamulla.  I also ordered the press to start switch as well.  I will also be ordering some of the missing/worn out small parts of the wipers.

I have also ordered a new made demo box from the guy in Poland through eBay.  That way I don’t have to fiddle with or make my own. 

I will also be building my own top bows per the Studebaker drawings.  The readily available Norwegian drawings make a flat top set of bows whereas the Studebaker drawings make a set of slightly peaked top bows.  The Top itself I have no Idea what I am going to do.  I see a couple vendors in Europe that make them less the cables and mounting hardware.  £875 and shipping halfway around the world. 


I will stop with this for now.  I have many questions about things like carb kits, and other spares I should be ordering, etc., etc.  But that will be future posts.



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I haven't taken a lot of photos since the weasel has been delivered.  Its still a little wet around here and with the throttle cable broken it only wants to idle.  Yes I can reach in the little hatch and operate the carburetor linkage.  but for now its here and tucked away out of the rain.  It will move into a container as its future home when the fellow I bought the lot from finishes moving the remainder of this stuff.

she looks nice on the outside and the only real parts she needs to really be done for my wants is a couple seat latches (ordered), top bows, and canvas.  And since I just spent a few bucks on the machine.  The Canvas is going to have to wait.  I will also start acquiring some spare parts.  Things like carb kits, water pump. spark plug wires, a distributor, and maybe a starter and generator.  All in due time as they appear and I can afford them. 

The bad part about this machine is the hat channels and floors.  they have been heavy repaired in a crude kind of way.  I doubt I will ever do a Patrick Tipton level of restoration to the floors and hat channels.  I do have access to one of RobW's hat channel kits so I can easily make them if needed.  I will start with repairing the floor panels and the demo charge box.  I bought a demo box from the guy in Poland, yes that guy that seems like everyone it still waiting on their parts.  So I will get out the mig and some sheet metal and start working on keeping my corners square 😉 as someone keeps telling us.

If anyone needs any specific photos or has specific question let me know.



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Congrats.  Looks great.  Are you planning to keep the Norwegian mods or go back to M29?  Not that it really matters either way!

As for the hat channels, etc. - it is a lot of work as you know, but not particularly difficult.  Mostly time and lots of cutoff and grinding wheels.

Looking forward to seeing her run!

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I saw this machine being delivered to Rob. It started right up and purred like a kitten. I'm glad that He finally got one of His own, every time He leaves my house I have to go out and wipe the drool off my Weasel and it is in horrible shape... Wheeew!! Just kidding Rob.

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Keep on top of the delivery from Poland and post pictures when it arrives. I had a buddy of mine (a professional welder - the guy can weld tin foil) reproduce a bomb box for me and it was pretty darn good. The welds on the sheet steel were very pretty like a stack of dimes.

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