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Early M29 Refurb

Patrick Tipton

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As many of you know, I bought an M29 a while back.  It is in very original condition and is the 2nd or 3rd production M29 made.  I have done a lot of mechanical work to it - rebuilt engine, transmission and final drive.  It has new sprockets - not happy with them by the way.   I am also about to put a set of rebanded French tracks on it.  It has become my learning machine and is starting to drive and steer great.

Over the weekend, I decided to do a little work on it since it looks pretty bad.  I went ahead and reinstalled the brush guard, fixed some rust on the very nice windshield and started straightening the coaming a little.  I have a really bad bomb box for it - decided to "upgrade" to a new panel for the time being.  I also took apart another 20 or so grousers - what a pain but I am about 70 in so should be able to start bolting these on to my new bands soon.

This machine will get a full restoration at some point.  Mostly it needs repairs to the front and underneath the gas tank - otherwise, just a lot of dents!

In the meantime, I sure am having fun with it.  So much fun, in fact, that I ran over a GoPro that fell off doing donuts in a very wet field. 


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I just bought a G503 grille anti-chafe strip from Farrel Fox.  He is on Facebook or ping me if you need his contact information.  The material is exactly the same as what was used on the Weasel to cushion the windshield against the brush guard when the windshield is laying forward.  The only "issue" is the split rivets are a little short, but they can be made to work.  Based on what I have seen in factory/field photos, the strips received a coat of paint - white/OD after installation.  I am going for the Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors look for this particular machine so I like the contrast.



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Hope everyone is enjoying their Weasels.  I have been a little on hiatus with a jeep restoration, but am just about finished with it and will be back working on my T24 and this very early M29.  The engine (salvage that I did a little valve work on) on the M29 is knocking so I need to pull it.  I have another takeout engine that may be in decent condition other than one stuck valve, so I am hoping to do a little field work on the takeout and install it.  This Weasel will receive a proper restoration at some point, but for right now, I am just enjoying it.



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