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Weasel Reunion

Kevin Vogel

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14-year Weasel Reunion.


I know nobody likes to read a lot of text so I will summarize the best I can. If you bought the David Doyle’s M29 Weasel Book, quite a few pictures inside are of Weasel 40123806 which I bought in 2018. Also pictured in there is another Weasel (good picture on #59) of a M29C without the front and back attachments. Rick Ward is the owner of these Weasels at the time of the photos around 2008 (his name appears at the acknowledgments in the book as well. There was also an article in “Military Vehicles Magazine” many years ago about Rick owning two Weasels but selling one after a while (which was 40123806). Of course, when you need to find that as, you can’t in the see of endless magazines….


On with the story….


Weasel 40123808 was bought by Rick Ward around 2002 and restored by him.

In 2008 - Rick Ward sold that Weasel to another collector in NJ.

In 2018 – I bought that Weasel while living in Vermont.

2020 – moved to Virginia

7/23/2022 – went to Gettysburg WWII show and ran into Rick Ward and his same Weasel from the book. This is about a 14-year reunion for the two machines. I finally got to meet Rick in person which was a pleasure.

Photo#1 2022

Photo#2 2008





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