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Looking for snowy wooded trails that a weasel can be run on during the winter. Does anyone know of any place in Minnesota or Wisconsin where we can run weasels on trails for several miles.

Don’t get any snow here anymore in Iowa. Wanting to find places in Minnesota or Wisconsin to take weasels to. Would love to find a small cabin in a remote area to rent/buy with snowy trails nearby to spend the winter with abundant weasel adventures.

Would love to hear from anyone on this.



Mike Howard

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Good day Mike,

   Good to hear from you in Iowa. Bummer the snow isn’t as abundant for you these days. Snow hasn’t been great hear in southern Wisconsin for years. I’m working on places to run my Weasel next year in Central Wisconsin. We should have one up and going by then. 
    What I have learned is that it is best to stick to private land with owners permission. Snowmobile and UTV trails are out by Department of Natural Resources rules. We could only drive those trails while dragging a snow groomer. Some established public trails must have a valid vehicle registration for highway use.    I’m not sure about paper mill land yet, it may be an option I will check in to.  That would be far north. 
    I was told we can drive on some  lake ice with no kind of registration. That is an option that I wish to take advantage of.     I am working on getting permission from some neighbors where I hunt. That is with the provision only to drive after all hunting is finished. So from mid January until end of February. This would be logging roads on wood lot property. 
    If anything promising develops I can let you know. It wouldn’t be until next winter. I still have more officials and municipalities to check with. As of right now I’m kind of distracted with figuring out the first Weasel. I admit I’m over thinking things. 

Fred Zernia 

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