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Bringing the T24 out of hibernation


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It has been a long, cold, snowy winter so when it started to warm up some, I decided to try to bring the T24 back to life.



It has been sitting since I replaced the clutch cable just before the cold and snows hit and I have been looking forward to seeing how it would run. I had been hoping to use it for hauling larger loads of firewood and building supplies for a friend.

This rig had been siting for over 5 years before I bought it last year and took some work just to get it running last fall. I had only put about 1/2 mile on it before winter hit and was hoping I had most of the kinks out.

After some snow removal to clear the exhaust and front opening, it turns out the float is stuck open in the carb and was just dumping gas into the engine. The original carb had been replaced with a Carter LF1 so it wasn't too hard to get a rebuild kit. 

After more weather delays (it's not fun working on them at -5F outside) I got it moved to better parking spot🙂.DSCF5976.thumb.JPG.2a055bb5ba1228f54075cece3c513b4c.JPGDSCF5975.thumb.JPG.ec04d044db270bb097f1bae725a7e16a.JPG

While moving it. I noticed the brakes didn't what to grab, so it made it hard to steer, so after some research on this sight and more weather, it was time to start it up and see if I could adjust the steering some.

This time after starting right up, it would only run for a few minutes before dying. take a bit to get it running again then want to quit. Experience in this country (plus the fact that the fuel was over 5 years old) has taught me it was probably water in the gas. At 6 bucks a gallon I didn't want to dump the 30 gallons that was in it.

Since it has an electric fuel pump, I knew of an easy way to check, I just had to hook up a boat fuel tank with fresh fuel.


It did the trick, and now is running fine again😂. Now I just have to pump the 30 gal, of "Cleaning Solvent" out of the main tank. At least now I can run it and see if I can adjust the steering.

I'm hoping to have some video of it running this weekend when my buddy comes up.

Have fun and good luck.


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Well folks, Today I was able to run the weasel for about a mile and for about 30-40 minutes😀, and came away with both good and bad news.

I cured some of my steering problems. I took spray chain lub. and applied it to all the connection points and also into the cross tubs where I could. I also tightened the left side break band wingnut 1/4 turn, (that was the side that didn't want to grab). It now turns a lot easier, without nearly as much force. especially after the final drive warmed up  some. (It was 20F during the run and -2 last night.) I also noticed it is a lot more responsive and takes less effort in higher gears. It still isn't turning to the left like it should so it might need another 1/4 turn on the wingnut.

The bad news is that it burned through 5 gallons of gas in the time it was running😢! It ran out just as I was going to try it in the deep snow off the driveway, luckily I had some more handy, so I could get it back to its parking spot.

Due the track and running gear modification, along with the extra weight from the top, it mostly needs to be ran in low range, (I was able to get it into 1 high on a long straight stretch but liked 3 low better.) so I can see it using more gas, also the carb is still leaking. Looks like I may have to find a new carb for it.

I did get some videos of it running but need to figure out how to post the longer ones. here is a super short one, at long rang.


I hope it works.

Will keep you posted on my progress, Thanks 



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Nice Brad.  Yep, you need to give that cameraman a tripod!  🤣

That is a very interesting set of tracks.  I forgot they were modified like that.  Looks like they run great though. 

One thing you learn with these machines - they get awful gas mileage!  I have a 20 gallon boat tank in mine right now...and it is always out of gas.  Sounds like you may have some carb issues too...

I am jealous of all that snow....Weasels eat it up!

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It took a bit, but I found a carb that would work🙂. I had to modify the throttle control arm on it but otherwise it bolted right up. I also changed the oil since it was so thinned out with all the gas that had been going through the old carb. pulled almost 8 quarts of oil/gas out of the pan.

After a little tuning I decided to see how it would now break trail in the deep, soft snow. In these snow conditions it doesn't perform very well. It is more like swimming through the snow then driving, with all the lose sugar snow the tracks don't grab and makes it hard to steer, also when I hit a harder patch it tended to throw it to one side or the other. On the way back it preformed a lot better.


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Interesting that she isn't running a little better in the deep snow.  

I think you have a couple of things working against you.  First, the top is great for the weather, but heavier than original canvas which increases weight/ground pressure.  Also, I am guessing that your undercarriage is significantly heavier than the original track system.  Those tracks look like they are adapted from a Thiokol.....

Weasels are definitely right on the edge of being underpowered.  When everything is working just right, it will go uphill in high range - 2/3rd gear as long as you hit the slope with a little speed.  If things aren't tuned right, it will bog in high range in any gear unless you are flat ground.   There is a lot of friction in the entire system.  I would keep tweaking that carburetor and see if you can get a little more power out of her but you will probably be running in low range 2/3. 

I would also go over the entire undercarriage and make sure everything is well lubricated.



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The weather has been nasty for the last few weeks, so I have just got back to playing with the T24.

@Patrick TiptonThe Tracks are from a m56 scorpion, it was a light unarmored 90mm AT gun carrier that was used in Vietnam. The Drive sprocket and front roller is from a M76 Otter.


 When I bought the T24, I was told the Bogie wheels had been filled so they wouldn't need air, but I noticed some looked flat and the sidewalls were rubbing on the grousers. I thought that since it had been sitting for at least 5 years without moving, the foam had broken down in that spot. I decided to see if they would take air, turns out only 2 were filled and the other 6 the tubs were still good and was able to air up to 50psi. What a difference it made. I can now run in high on the drive🙂. On the trail, it runs in 2 low nicely if I can keep the RPMs up, but with this suspension it is a rough ride going faster.

Here are a few vids of my last outing.

I have a few other new vids on my YouTube channel also. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks, Brad


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That looks pretty good Brad.  I agree about the suspension....you expect the Weasel ride to be super smooth, but you feel the bumps and even more so in the back of the machine. 

The more I do maintenance - greasing the undercarriage, working on the engine, etc....the better she runs. 

Keep those videos coming.

Cheers, Patrick

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