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Spark plug leads, coil


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    I will be starting my engine for the first time soon. I found vendors for plug wires, coils, alternate style new carburetor and ignition parts. 
    These things in my minds eye should work. I can list what didn’t work too. When I test these products I will post. 
    Not everything that is Studebaker Champion engine works with a Weasel. Plug wires, coils, distributors, starters and generators are unique to us. The cars of the day were 6 volt systems and nothing is interchangeable. All is not lost though. The parts do exist, I just have not tested my ideas yet. 
    Also I have joined the local Studebaker club chapter. One of the authority’s on engines is in my chapter and I use him as a reference too. When I have a running engine on test stand I will share the results. 


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