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Hull dimension needed


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Hoping someone might have this dimension handy or a hull they can measure. Thanks to 5280Beltfed for sharing the drawing on this site.

Since the dimension isn't directly called out, I tried to extrapolate it using the other dimensions in the drawing and came up with  3.875", but that seems to large to me.

Can someone confirm, or correct?


Mark Cook

weasel hull.jpg

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Mark - will get you an actual measurement today.  That being said... If you have the top two holes of the track tensioner brackets....they are parallel to one another so just mark the centerline of the front bracket and mark the centerline of the rear bracket. 

Fine thread captive nuts on the back and make them beefy because once you close everything up with the hat channels on the inside, getting back in there is a major fiasco so you have do surgery from the outside.

Cheers, Patrick

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Thanks Patrick, I just got out and measured and 3 7/8 is not as far off as I thought. Time to weld up some bracing, true things up, and start patching. It aint pretty.

FYI, I've been thinking about creating a thread on here to duplicate my FB posts....


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