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T15 track belts

Larry Mass

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17061190343923422710395750060802.thumb.jpg.61c995d596578c89e6505a3d5fceb6bd.jpg1706118930850454781480347111909.thumb.jpg.16333db3757ae2aecdc2807f3f0cd262.jpg17061187603261564600123549476504.thumb.jpg.088b33f983dd7abd7fa0d31454ae388e.jpg17061186629708494203795570445762.thumb.jpg.63d9f847cadcb6f02872aea40475befd.jpgI have one track with original track bands the track seems awful tight I'm not sure why? I have new track bands on the other side and there seems to be lots of differences in length. I am wandering if I will have to do a lot of corrective steering with this problem? 


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The track tightness doesn't seem to impact steering much on the M29 series.  It does create other issues though.

Because the T15 "pulls" the track rather than pushes (as in the M29 series), I don't think you are going to have much of an issue.  With the M29, loose tracks "jump" sprockets because of the approach angle and the amount of contact area.  Almost all tracked vehicles "pull" the tracks....the M29 is an anomaly.

Do you have any adjustment on the tensioner?  If I could, I would just snug the looser side up a little and run it!


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