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  1. That's a great question for this group. On fuel consumption. Might have to post that on a new topic. As for your tank. I'm trying to keep as much rear cargo and seating area as possible. I wish I could draw what I'm wanting to do in mine with a tank. Thanks for your info and ideas. It's hard getting answers. It's like things are a deep dark secret in restoring.
  2. That is the only plate that is gone. At least my serial number plate is still there. My resto plan in start winter of 2026. Kinda a retirement stay busy thing. Just collecting parts I know I need and info. As for finding the painted info. I've done this many times in the past 25 years with other military vehicles and have found some very interesting unit markings going slow and cautiously. My biggest hurdle right now is a radiator and engine rebuild kit. I can't seem to find what I need
  3. This is what I have. I need the bracket and the parts in between. If you can help out. Please PM me on item and price. Thanks in advance. Matt R
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'd really like to mount a tank behind the rear seats. Also I just put it in to see if it fit. I figured if I mount it there it turn it so the inlet was facing the weasel inlet. Regardless 18 gal isn't enough so I'll have to build a larger tank. Looking into aluminum or stainless steel as we speak. Hoping for stainless steel. The tank I'm wanting will recess in both back cubby holes and across the back. Should give me near 40 gal. Rhe original tank area is most likely going to be a 5th seat since I don't have a dog house cover. I'll have to make one. And insulate that side so the occupant doesn't get burned by the manifold. I know it's not correct. But for the limited parts and high prices on them and no one getting back to me on parts requests and prices. Some things will have to be modified for my needs. If asked some questions I guess to the wrong guys because all I've received is radio silence from them. Love to have a POC that I can text or call at times and ask questions and get answeres.
  5. I picked up this 18 gal fuel cell today. Fits perfect with room to spare for the 12 volt battery. Thoughts on what to use for a heat barrier for the exhaust manifold? There's about 2.5" between it and the tank. Not sure I'm going to use it. But for the price I thought I'd try. Love to know your thoughts. Maybe lift it up as high as it can go? Give more room for heat disapation? Can go up about 10 more inches.
  6. Mine is a m29c. Serial 4921. No other tag. Love to know the year. Matt R
  7. I picked this up last weekend locally. Not sure if it's right for the m29 weasel. All I had to go on were photos online. Is this right for the m29? I didn't see any other parts. But I think I need an arm and a bracket?
  8. Any way of tracking unit info on the weasel serial numbers? (Do i need to do some sanding) Or does anyone have a serial numbetdata base? My serial number is Sn-4921 Date 1944 M29c Came out of california. Matt R
  9. We took a ride south an hour today and hung out in branson. Spotted an M29c weasel today. If your in the area. It's down by the Ripleys believe it or not. A bunch of other vehicles there too. 20240524_142858.mp4
  10. Is this a common post war practice? I seem to see alot that have had this done. Matt R
  11. I'm not in a rush. Jus trying to gather items for restoration time.I don't know how to PM you my number so. Please let me know cost shipped. I'm looking for a radiator too. Matt R
  12. Can someone measure there woven wire mesh that covers the muffler? Sides and length would be very helpful. If you can tell me the size squares and diameter of wire too that would be a big help. Cant find one for sale so looks like im making my own. This is for the m29. Thanks all. Matt R
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