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Jesse Browning

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Thanks Patrick from starting this forum. I restored a M29C about 6 years ago. It was about the same condition as the T-24 you have. Lots of hard, dirty work ahead for you. I was rear ended while in the work van in 2016 and suffered a brain injury. That leaves me with difficulties walking, talking, and doing simple tasks. I lost the Sexton, halftrack, and my ranch. We tried to sell the weasel, but didnt seem to have much interest at my price. So, its still around here. My son has been working on it, actually made it a floater. I can offer technical advice but thats about all. We take it to some events if I can find someone to drive me. My wife will do it, but doesn’t like pulling the big trailer. I hope to be able to be a help to others on this forum with things I have learned over the years.

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8 hours ago, Jesse Browning said:

 I’m afraid I would forget to do something like all the bilge plugs and go right to the bottom.

I hear you.  It is a lot of work to risk.  I am half thinking of floating mine in the pond behind my shop, but I have plenty of time to think about it. 

I have never driven one with float tanks, but it does make the vehicle a lot more cumbersome.....

Looks great though!

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