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M29C For Sale in N. CA

Patrick Tipton

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There is an M29C for sale in Northern California for $5500.  It is missing the rear tank, the windshield and maybe some covers.  It has one WW2 era 20" track and one later 20" track.  Overall, doesn't look too bad.  The seller has it listed on FB - I have his number and more pictures if you are interested:  PM me and I will put you in touch - I have no affiliation, just an obsession.





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@Conner Bush@Patrick Tipton Conner, if you decide to restore an M29C fitted with floatation gear I would highly recommend putting the hard yards in to purchase a weasel with as much of the float gear fitted to it as possible no matter what the condition. That way you have the option to either pattern or repair these unique parts. Anything Amphibious = $$$$$$. For a vehicle that was destined for a short service life the float tanks are an engineering marvel. Facsimile tanks unless done properly do look out of place as in the photo below. Having said that I would study and compare photos of M29C's with their floatation gear fitted and M29C's with their float gear removed. There are a myriad of small hard to find parts and panels needed for a full amphibious restoration. Good luck with your search.

Corowa weasel.JPG

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@Conner BushAs John @OZM29C points outs...it gets expensive quick if you have to find all the little parts.  I know of an unrestored M29C in Michigan..not close, but not terribly far.  The guy is trying to sell a semi-restored one without tanks plus the unrestored one for $13k.  I haven't seen them, but I do have pictures.  PM me if you are interested and I will send you pictures and can put you in touch.




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