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Weasel Rear Main Seal


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Hello Everyone

Am starting assembly of my T15 engine and am wondering about the wood blocks that install instead of rubber seal at rear main. There is also a seal looks like cork that goes on the outside of the rear main cap. about 6 inches long or so. If anyone can clue me in where the wood blocks go and where to get them? When I took engine apart there were no wood blocks??


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Hi Pat

I have all three of the TMs. The main seal is referenced but picture is hard to make out. I think the wood seals go on each side of the bearing cap to fill the voids on each side of the cap where it meets the oil pan gasket. I think RTV would work to fill the void instead of wood. When I got my gasket set it was for a champion engine for an auto not a weasel so a couple gaskets are a different size. I got a rear main cap cork seal that seals the oil pan to the rear main cap it is to wide and thick for the groove in the rear main cap. I could cut it down to fit the grove I suppose or fill it with RTV  probably be a better seal.


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Okay so no response on whats what with the rear main seal so I  went to my original Norwegian weasel dropped the pan and took a look. There were what looked like a slender pan gasket that appeared to extend into the holes on each side of the rear main bearing cap. The gasket was very brittle so some of it came apart when removed. I have put up some pictures of the rear mainn cap with the seal in the groove on the top of the rear main cap. No rubber crankshaft seal is used there is a deflector on the crank that keeps the oil in the pan





Wood Blocks.png



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the two wooden pegs are cut down and pushed into the grooves either side of main cap  This stops the gasket from collapsing at this area

the engine does not have a rear seal the oil is slung back into rear of engine by a screw on the crankshaft 

when fitting all cork seals front and rear I Used rtv and clamps and stuck them to main cap and front plate and sanded the to get as best fit I could 

will see if I can find photos


hope this helps




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