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Engine Studebaker 170

Guido Ferluga

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Good day I need some advice, I found a complete studebaker 170 engine of "automotive" origin at a good price and I wanted to know if with some tricks it can be mounted on the Weasel. Now I have a diesel engine on the vehicle. What do you think?
The various parts are exchangeable on an original Weasel engine block.
Thanks for your attention.





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Some things I notice seem different. The manifold does not seem the same. There are no threaded ports on the intake part for the various steel lines. The sparkplug wire  holder seems to be twice as long as the early T15s used also fuel pump is not the same. Oil filler tube should be straight. Engine mounts are different. The starter looks like it could be used as well as the generator although the generator is not the same as the one on the weasel. Distributor has vacuum advance which weasel did not have. Basically the block and head are the same as is the bell housing 


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