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Bogie Wheel and other wheels that need new rubber

Will Dodge

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I have used this company in the past for bogies on other vehicles. FYI. 

Cynthia was the contact. Do not know if she is still there. 

Caster Concepts, Inc.     888.781.3379


16000 W. Michigan Ave., Albion, MI 49224 USA

Caster Concepts - Heavy Duty Industrial Caster Manufacturer USA

They have done rubber and other poly's

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  • Will Dodge changed the title to Bogie Wheel and other wheels that need new rubber

Good suggestion Will.

I am very experienced in mold making and decided to put my knowledge toward reproducing the rubber on Bogie Wheels. I have found a rock solid method that is successful. Here are some photos of the results of my efforts. I was able to pigment the rubber in both white and black. I even did a combo where the steel was painted green and the rubber was pigmented white. The material I used cured to Durometer hardness of 90 which is just as hard as natural latex rubber. I was guided to some documented research where an independent company was hired in the late 1960's to find an effective procedure to repair worn road wheels used on the M-113 A.P.C. I adopted several steps taken the by firm that lead to an extremely successful adhesion of the rubber to the steel while the process remained cold.  

The photo marked (5) shows the backs of two wheels, left is the repro and right is an N.O.S. Photo marked (4) in green and black shows that the rivets were drilled out and the wheel halves are about to be re-assembled with mechanical fasteners. Photo marked (4) in white shows a view of the wheel as it would roll on the track band. They are for all intents and purposes perfect reproductions except for the fact that they are bolted back together and not rivetted. This just means that if the rubber does separate from the steel, it will be easy to repro them again.

Repro'ed Bogey Wheels (1).JPG

Repro'ed Bogey Wheels (4).JPG

Repro'ed Bogey Wheels (5).JPG

Repro'ed Bogey Wheels (10).JPG

Repro'ed Bogey Wheels (12).JPG

White over Green (2).JPG

White Rubber (4).JPG

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