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Nice Set or original 20" late track

Rob W

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I have a nice set of late 20" track for sale.  These originally came with my weasel, I ran them for two seasons in the snow and then worked with Mike Howard to develop the LAR track. After that I no longer needed them. Since then, they have been sitting in my shop on two pallets on pallet racks, properly stored on edge, with large radius bends.  The bands are original BF Goodrich Rubber which is has some cracks in the rubber... BFG tracks commonly have some cracks by now,  and the compound has a higher durometer than the Mondajlen Rubber bands from Norway and I believe they are a little stronger.  They  don't really show any cables.  What I'm trying to say, is I think they still have some life in them.  The grousers are in very good shape with a lot of rubber and many pads left. there may a few that are missing pads or are bent/broken but very few.  I will supply 4 NOS grousers.  If you want a decent set of original bands or two full sets of grousers here you go, I would not recommend taking them apart for grousers, if you are concerned put an auxiliary band between the inner and out and forget your worries.   If you want OEM bands to last....run them in the snow.    $4000  Decent original track are hard to find.  

 Call me at 208 845-0823   if you don't get me leave a message with your name number and I'll give you a call back.  These and the other track  I have for sale will  go to other venues for sale if there's no action.   Please don't bug me with what else might be for sale.  

I will try to post some pictures on the pallet later, but they have limited access right now.  Here is an old video of them running on my machine. https://vimeo.com/146055976



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