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T84 Transmission Oil Leak


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Hi Everyone

After rebuilding my T84 transmission for my T15 I noticed after a short period of time while the engine and transmission were on the stand a small drip of oil weeping out between the transmission and the clutch bellhousing.  I pulled the transmission off and found the shaft where the the lower cluster gear rides leaking oil where it goes through the transmission case. I read online this is a common problem. All types of remedies are advised such as using RTV  JB weld  etc. It was also mentioned to put a gasket between the transmission and the bellhousing like the Jeeps have. Funny on the weasels (at least on mine) no gasket was between the transmissions and the bell housing. Looking in the parts manual showed no gasket either? I am going to put a bead of RTV around the area where the shaft comes through the housing so when it is installed to the bellhousing it will keep the oil contained. I am only mentioning this so that anyone rebuilding the weasel T84 transmission that this problem could present itself. Some ingenious machinist types have cut "O" ring grooves in the shaft where it goes in the transmission housing to stop the oil from dripping into the hull and making a mess. Glad I found this before the engine was installed. Another thing that may contribute to this problem is I did add a street 90 elbow to the oil fill to increase the amount of oil in the T84. This was recommended and also was a later retrofit to the T84 transmission. I highly recommend  this mod as the T84 oil capacity is greatly increased. Anyway hope this tip helps. Have a nice memorial day!


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