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New to the site and new owner of a weasel


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I always wanted a weasel after seeing the hulk of one shortly after moving to Alaska, 25 years ago. Since then, the only ones I could afford were to far gone for my capabilities to try to restore. That all changed a few weeks ago when I finally talked a friend in selling me his T-24 which hasn't been run in years.

It was converted into a moose hunting rig sometime in the late 80's with a 30gal nose fuel tank, cabin, tracks and suspension.

After spending some time getting it started(the coil was bad and points needed to be cleaned and adjusted) I went to pick it up. Everything seemed to be going ok for the 1st 30 ft until it just quit, after a little checking it turns out the distributor rotor shaft quit turning☹️.

After struggling to get it pulled out and up on the trailer, it is finally home.

Now the fun part, figuring what is wrong with the distributor, and getting it fixed. I sure would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thanks, Brad






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Cool Brad!  Welcome aboard!  That looks like a cool machine.  Very interesting track setup too.

As for your distributor....appears something broke - either the distributor shaft itself or the small gears underneath in the adapter housing. 

Pull the instrument panel because you will otherwise curse a lot and it will take even more time.

Pull the distributor and you will find out quickly if anything is wrong with it. 

Otherwise, there is an adapter underneath....with gears and if something happened in there you will need to go deeper.  As much as it sucks, if the problem is deeper, I highly recommend pulling the engine. 

Weasel engines are really hard to work on inside of the machine and you are better off getting it out, fixing it and running it on a makeshift stand so you can get it all tuned up. 

As you know, awesome machines once you get them up and running.

Cheers, Patrick

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It is an interesting set up for the tracks. It appears to be a M76 otter drive sprocket with M56 Scorpion tracks. It came with 3 spare drivers, 3 NOS track sections and some other parts.

I got the upper cowling off, pulled the distributor and located the cause of the malfunction, someone had dropped a small screw into the bottom of the Distrib and it finally bound up. The upper Distrib seems fine now with no noticeable damage, so now time to look at the lower adaptor.

I'm really hoping I don't have to pull the engine. due to the way the mounted the cab. If I have to pull the engine, it will probably be a next year project. 😢

I'll keep everyone informed on how it goes and post some more picks. I also need to go check on another weasel that has supposably been stored up on blocks, in an old shed, for the last 50+ years.

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Be careful!  I started out with 1 Weasel....and one parts Weasel.  Then, the next thing I knew, they had mated and there were 8 of them!

The hunt sure is fun.

I would be surprised if a screw was enough to break the gears in the adapter, but I can't visualize how it would stop the distributor from turning without something breaking either.  You should be able to take it off with the engine still installed in the Weasel.  The worst part is dropping things into the greasy mess that is most Weasel engine compartments.....I have found all kind of interesting things down there with the engine removed.

Keep us posted.



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After other work requirements, I finally was able to get back to working on the weasel. The engine cowling took a little bit to get off but not as bad as I feared,

After pulling the distributor and adapter, I got some good news😀, nothing was broken or bent, turns out the retaining bolt was way loose, and the shaft kicked back when the screw jammed up, so was not engaging the timing gear. I need to make a gasket for the cover plate and hope to have it back together and running soon. 

Here are some picks of the track conversion also.







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I got the beast running yesterday☺️, it took a few tries to get the distributor gears to line up in the correct spot, but once I did it fired right up and ran smoothly.

After I checked the oil and radiator levels, reinstalled seat and cowling, I took it for a short test drive down my long driveway. It seems to track straight but turns a little hard and slow with this track configuration, it is also very slow moving. I got it up to about 5mph in 2nd gear high. The oil pressure runs between 20-40 psi depending on the rpms, engine temp stayed below 180, so not too bad for the test run,

 The biggest problem I found was the clutch, it is really stiff and needs to be all the way to the floor engage gears. I'm hoping it is only a cable adjustment that needs to be done. I am planning to replace it when I find one,

The next thing on the list is to pull the back seat and floor, so I can check the drive line and final drive.

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Hi Brad,    I was reminded of something when you mentioned the clutch not releasing well. Many years ago I had a Chevy Vega that sat a few years and the clutch wouldn’t disengage at all. From sitting the pilot bearing was not free any longer. It may be one more thing to check other than linkage. Also the shaft assembly in the bell housing that the throwout bearing rides on , may  be very corroded or oil is now thick.  Mine was like that. There is an oil cup on one side and a hole drilled in the shaft on the opposite end. Try adding oil at these 2 points and exercising the shaft. Otherwise with the trans removed you can work the shaft from side to side to expose the bearing surfaces to clean them. The good thing about this transmission removal is you don’t lay on your back under the machine.  This is a fair first step rather than taking a pressure plate off. 
    Our Weasel sat idle 20 years plus and all the clutch parts looked new. I cannot say the same for the pivot shaft. Our linkage is not the cable type so I’m not sure about that problem. Although I do have a clutch cable I am trying to free up and have not gotten it to move at all as of yet. 

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