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I thought I would share my recent experience insuring my M-29C Weasel.  My family has used State Farm since the 50s and has always gotten competitive rates.  My GPW and WC-51 are through them and when I bought the Weasel I added it.  I took the weasel to the office for pictures and paid my premium.  Everything was good.  Two months later they sent me a letter saying they would not insure it because it was tracked and ending my insurance in a week.

I did some research and saw a recommendation for American Modern Insurance.  I found a local agent and worked with him.  After a week and much consternation it came back at $800.  I informed him that was about $100 a mile it would be driven in the next year.

I knew the Weasel had been with JC Taylor with the prior owner.  I submitted everything to them and its now insured.  I am probably going to move over my remaining MVs when I get my 4th one restored because they don't charge extra for parts of their insurance over 3.  Sorry State Farm but you're losing my business.


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@Jesse Browning Jesse, you have put forward an interesting aspect to your insurance woes. I hope that you have agreed on a realistic replacement value for your weasel in the event of a total write off. As a comparison, here in Oz my full comprehensive annual premium is $251.90 ($167.52USD) and my weasel is insured for a replacement value of $90,000AUD ($60,000 USD). Having said that, this policy only covers land use only. I, in conjunction with the GPA owners here in Oz have found that Marine insurance is impossible to find. My weasel being a tracked vehicle presented no barriers to insurance. Same goes for the weasel being Left hand drive. Cheers.

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