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T-15 Clutch


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Admittedly, I'm a complete and total novice as it relates to the transmission and clutch on the T-15, so before I go flying off the deep end to solve the problem, thought I would ask for some  sage advice.  I can depress the clutch pedal and easily shift between 2nd and 3rd with no grinding (this is in low speed).  When I try to shift to either 1st or reverse it grinds badly.  Was not the case when I first starting moving it around.  Thoughts? 

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Sounds like the clutch is not fully engaged or it is sticking.

For the clutch engagement, the first stop is trying to tighten the pedal if there is adjustment room.  You will need a helper, but you can pull the inspection plate and watch the clutch plate when someone depresses the clutch in neutral. It should stop.

If adjusting the clutch does not work, then the clutch may be sticking.  This is typically caused by a leaking rear main seal, although worn pilot bearings can cause this as well.  You can spray the clutch down with brake clean.  That will usually free everything up temporarily.  Not a great solution, but it will sometimes get you by until you feel up to pulling the engine and replacing the rear main.

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