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The Rough & Tough Champion 6 Engine

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A few years ago, I bought out a collector who owned a gaggle of Weasels and related parts. Most of the Weasels had been sitting unused in a field for decades, but all but one were salvageable.  Happy to report that 3 of the 5 are well on their way to being restored machines.  I kept one (an M29) that runs and drives and the other machine (early M29) is stored inside awaiting restoration. 

One T24 had a decent looking 1945-dated engine in it that was complete and free.  That hull was sold to another collector but I pulled the engine to keep as a spare.   As my M29 motor is starting to make noises that sound like a bad bearing, I decided to see if I could get this spare motor running to see what I had.

We were disappointed when we pulled the head to find the valves pretty much gone.  Our environment is too wet, plus too many hot and cold cycles cause condensation and rust.  This engine sat too long without any oil etc. and the valves and seats were shot.  Fortunately, the cylinders looked good as did the lower end.


I ended up freshening up the valve seats and installing all new valves.  We also dropped the oil pan and cleaned everything out and added fresh oil.

The beast fired right up!  Oil pressure was 55 lbs at startup.  I did not have a radiator hooked up so I didn't run it long, but I am liking it so far!

I will get a radiator on it tomorrow and let the engine warm up properly and get it running right.  If it continues to run well, I think I may have a keeper to put into the M29 and enjoy until we do a proper restoration at some point in the future.




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10 hours ago, DonM said:

What did you do for coolant on your test stand?

I have a radiator for it.  I did not hook it up in this video just because we were only trying to get it started to check the oil pressure.  I will post pictures in the next couple of days of the complete setup with the radiator.


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