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Interesting radiator venting

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I think the French may have been responsible for that modification.  I had a T24 with French rebuild tags that had this modification almost exactly. 

This machine was designed for cold weather, but so far, with a properly functioning cooling system, I don't see overheating problems.

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@Patrick Tipton Patrick, in the cooler climes, say where you live, I believe that the weasel cooling system is adequate however over here in Oz my weasel does tend to run 'very' hot when the ambient temps exceed the mid 20's (about 80F). As you know apart from a high flow 160 thermostat, my weasel cooling is OEM. Having said that I am sure that the flotation gear makes the engine work harder. That aside, two T24's tested by the Australian Army in August 45 suffered the same cooling problems. I am sure that I have sent you a copy of the report but here is an extract. It would be interesting to see if or how the French modified their 'Crab' weasels in Indochina.

DSC04053 (002).JPG

DSC04054 (002).JPG

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@OZM29C  I agree that the float tanks add a lot of weight to the machine plus it has to have an impact on the flow of air too.  The funnier part of that report is the complaints about how difficult a Weasel is to service 🤣  I wholeheartedly agree! 

I will play with the M29 over the summer when we get some hotter temperatures and see what happens.  I won't be surprised if it runs warm....

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