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New build getting closer


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Greetings Happy Mother's Day to all! Found a few minutes to "garage time" here it is. Coolant leaked, disassembled, insert ring not sittintg flush on housing. Thermostat for champion engine from study intrnt'l. Admit, I packed way too much sealer. #1 - should ring sit flush with housing? #2 - does Weasel have its own Thermostat? #3 I ring supposed to be flush with housing base?

Thank you all.


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@Bravo28 The weasel does have its own thermostat. Attached is a photo showing both a Standard MB/GPW Jeep and a Studebaker Weasel thermostat side by side. I just can't remember which is which???😕 The Thermostat that is shown in your photo should be fine. Is it a 165 High Flow? A couple of the UK members suggested that I should install a high flow thermostat into the cylinder head which I did using a retainer that I machined out of 316 Stainless Steel. The added advantage of this retainer is that you can install your thermostat deep into the cylinder head or OEM style. Hope this helps. Cheers


0046 Thermostat housing 001.jpg

0046 Thermostat housing 002.jpg

0046 Thermostat housing 003.jpg

0046 Thermostat housing 005.jpg

0046 Thermostat housing 007.jpg

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Thank you for your answer. I ordered a replacement t-stat for a Weasel. The retaining ring was not sitting flush, I believe the circular gasket was not letting this t-stat sit proper. The replacement should do the trick. Cheers.20240513_104821.jpg.8407ff7b5e807aa39a284dfc8c7add46.jpg

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