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Greetings Aron:

Since my Weasel is still a project, I have yet to run anything on it.  😄  On my '43 MB, I am running Ford Tractor Transmission Fluid (GL1) in the T84, transfer case and differentials.  I am running a 10-30 regular oil in the motor but will probably switch over to synthetic. In my experience the synthetics don't sludge up the way traditional motor oils do...not sure I will ever run my jeep enough to sludge it up -- but.....

I used to go to www.bobistheoilguy.com and read the forums - seemed to be a great source of oil information.  The site is down this morning - EDIT - now back up.


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In the motor - Use 30 wt, 10w/30 if you are using it in low temperatures or any other good motor oil.

In the transmission - use gear oil, 08/90 or such and NOT motor oil. Motor oil will work but will lead to bearing wear after long use. What ever you do ..DO NOT use 10wt oil that some of the data plates list. This was for extremely low Arctic temperatures and was found to wear out bearings and gears in a VERY short time.

In the differential - ONLY use motor oil and NOT gear oil !!  30wt Non-Detergent oil is preferred to eliminate foaming which will lead to slippage.

Here is a photo of what happens when you use 10wt oil in the transmission. ( National Archives Photo)

Jim Gilmore

Jim Thorpe, PA.


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