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Jesse Browning

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It is interesting to note that these T-15 units look to have been repainted OD from their original white w/black camo paint.

Just as an aside.....if you read the text that Rob has linked...it says that "Pyke suggested that a tracked vehicle be developed ..."

This is incorrect.....Pyke wanted a "Archimedes Screw" or  air powered ( like a swamp boat) vehicle and fought the concept of using a tracked one. It was the NDRC ( National Defense Research Committee ) that decided that the vehicle was to be tracked as they were in charge of the development of it.

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The top is actually a white w/black camo one that has been painted with a darker color ( probably Olive Drab). This repainting of the vehicles was done in the field.

Also.....I checked with my copies of Signal Corps photos from the National Archives and the photo caption noted the photo was taken on Kiska Island.

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