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  1. Thanks for the info, that will very helpful as I progress with my tracks.
  2. Never saw those pics. That swimmer took a pretty good hit to the bow.
  3. Thanks. I found some film footage of them on Okinawa. But you're right there real doesn't seem like they were very common with them.
  4. Does anyone have any information pertaining to Weasels used by the Navy and Marines during the war? I know that they did have some, but beyond that there is very limited info out there.
  5. Thanks! I hoping to find a better hull to rebuild in the near future, but I will try to find the USA number on this one and let you know what I do to keep your records up to date.
  6. Hi Jim, I just recently got my first Weasel. The only number that I can make out so far is the Body Tag number. It is: M-29C-5860. Not sure if that's helpful to you or not. If you can tell me anything about it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Parke Lancaster PA
  7. Can someone post a photo of a "bullet sealing rubber cell" fuel tank?
  8. Good evening, I'm planning out the job of repairing my tracks using rock conveyor. I have type 3 tracks. So far I have a large supply of heavy duty 1/2" thick belting which I intend to use for my outer bands. What thickness should be used for the inner bands? Will the 1/2" work? Any advice from someone with experience in this would be greatly appreciated. If a thicker belt is needed, does anyone have a good source? I'm located in PA so a source on the East coast is preferred.
  9. Glad you've created this forum. I'm a new Weasel owner and I'm sure this group will be extremely helpful with it's restoration. The Weasel I have is running and driving but in desperate need of a hull rebuild and a full restoration. Your thread on your restoration is a great reference tool.
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