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Olive Drab Paint Code


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Looks ok to me. Is this Omni considered a single stage PPG color or is it a base coat? I’m not used to PPG having mixed DuPont Chroma system, matrix, and sherwin williams products in the past. It’s hard to beat the g503 gallon paint for $50 vs sherwin auto ss paint for $600 a gallon set up. Quality is night and day though and I commend your choice.

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I had a local paint shop mix up the paint I used on my MB to match some NOS parts - it is a PPG enamel presumably very similar but they did not share any formula.  We used a lot of flattening agent and the PPG hardener.  It sprays beautifully - thinned with xylene...  The rims are painted with another product - I think Gillespie - and I repainted after this picture.


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This formula is for 2 oz the small jar next to the clutch. I can probably get a printout of the code for a quart or gallon possibly. I think any good paint shop can easily use this formula to make how ever much you need


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