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Refurbishment of M29C 7333 Water pump


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Look carefully at the first photo and you can see why my water pump had seen better days in and around the mechanical seal. As weasel water pumps are made of 'Unobtanium' I had to machine and fit a new 316 Stainless steel seal collar to the seal . The photos better show how this was done.

I also had to replace the water pump bearing. I was unable to source a NOS or a 'drop in' replacement bearing so I opted to machine to size a generic after market bearing. See attached dimensions PDF The bearing is of Chinese manufacture but it was all that was available.Water_pump_integral_shaft_bearings.pdf

A fellow from the UK kindly sent me another hard to find part, namely the water pump bearing retainer clip. Water pump bearing.pdf

I am please to say that the water pump repairs were 100% successful.

Water pump before machining.jpg

Water pump Centre hole bored2.jpg

Water pump Facing old seal surface.jpg

Water pump 021.jpg

Water pumps Insert Collar.jpg

Water pumps Epoxy applied.jpg

Water pumps Mixing epoxy.jpg

Water pumps Seal insert pressed into position.jpg

Water pump 001.jpg


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What I failed to mention was that the new replacement stainless steel shaft collar I made has an interference fit into the water pump housing. I am not relying on the Armstrong A12 epoxy to hold the collar in place. The epoxy is just there for added strength.

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Looks great OZ. Does anyone have the correct wrench to loosen/tighten the outer pulley half? I would love to see one so I could make another. Also, my pulley was pretty well stuck together with rust. I tried to make a wrench but it failed when I applied a fair amount of pressure. SoI put it in a pan of Evaporust, pulley end down for three days.I then tried a brass drift and dead blow mallet to spin the outer pulley half and sure enough it slowly unscrewed. I cleaned the threads and applied a light coating of anti-seize to them. It will be some time before I get to the pump itself, but for those with a stuck pulley half, this worked well for me.

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4 hours ago, M29 said:

What was the paint color you used John? Looks really nice


Dan, the paint I used is an Australian made off the shelf paint that I don't think is available in the US of A. The photo above shows the paint shade as being grey but the pewter kilrust paint finish is more a blue grey. I have attached another photo of the same engine. You will see what I mean. I recently painted a GPA engine using VHT 'Ford Grey' engine enamel and it came out looking more grey than blue grey. https://www.vhtpaint.com/high-heat/vht-engine-enamel


Wattyl Kilrust Pewter.jpg

16-03-15 012.jpg

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