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Grouser Repair Question

Patrick Tipton

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I am about finished with my hull repairs and starting to gear up to do the mechanicals.

I ended up finding a set of nice 15" T24 tracks.  They are in good shape - with a roller chain added for stability.  I am not sure what I am going to do about the bands yet, but I want to start fixing the grousers.  I have two issues in some grouser plates:  bends and then torn off road pads.

1.  I am guessing the grouser plates are hardened?  I have probably 6 to 10 that are bent.  My plan is to heat them and bend them back.  Any experience out there?

2.  Where the road pads are torn, my current plan is to weld a 1/4 or 5/16 tapped plate in the "hole" -  then screw in a delrin road pad.  

I am open to thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks, Patrick

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Hi Pat

the t15 grouser was hardened So I imagine yours will be as well. Drilling with standard drill bits is very slow. I found using a plasma to cut the holes was much faster. I used a cabide dremel bit to clean up the holes. I have posted in a couple threads more detail.


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