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Picking up a couple Weasels

Ernest Ongaro

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Hi Patrick, Yes I will take photos today and post them. I posted the early one last year sometime it's number T-24-20. I bought the T24 from a friend last year and finally brought it home this week. These are the first Weasels I've ever owned, I've owned WWII vehicles for many years but this is my first tracked WWII vehicle.

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Finally started on the T24. So far the engine turns freely but the Brake and Transmission linkage does not. With no provisions to lubricate the Tube/shaft of the controls it was rusted solid after sitting in a field for 30+ years. I got everything busted apart and cleaned up. Thinking of adding some zerk fittings to allow a way to lubricate. 










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Good point Patrick! I plan on Running it on snow in the Sierra Nevada. The trailhead to the Tahoe National Forest is a block away. My house is about a mile from where the Donner Family spent the winter of 1846! I noticed they have oil cups on my M29 so maybe I'd be better off adding oil cups in colder climates.

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