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Spark plug wire lengths -OEM


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I’m cutting spark plug wires as close to original material as possible (even have supressors) but the TM/FM only have diameter (7mm), not length. These below were passed to me but unfortunately not by cylinder number. Could anyone here be able to verify lengths or should I get a 1942 Studebaker Champion set from an auto parts store to measure?
-19 1/2”
-23 1/2”
-17” coil

My current set is aftermarket and seems long.
Any help would be appreciated.

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2 hours ago, Patrick Tipton said:

I don't have a set to measure but I would just make up numbers and have them look neat.  I am all about originality, but I don't think it matters a bit here.


@Patrick TiptonI'll second that Patrick👍That's exactly what I did with my restoration. Having said that, a nice touch would be to include the HT wire guide.



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On 3/2/2022 at 2:59 PM, Prc148 said:

I just received the drawings from Studebaker today. My first lengths were way too long. Coil to distributor is 50% too long also.

That's interesting👍Just out of curiosity, does/do the OEM drawing/s show a general layout for the HT wire and then specifies the individual lengths or are there 7 different drawings for each individual HT wire? BTW my question is not an indirect way of asking you to post a copy of your drawing.

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6 hours ago, RAS1 said:

I am waiting for my wires to be reproduced, but I have to provide lengths. Do you have the correct lengths handy?



are you having Vintage Wiring make them? If so, they have the blurprints.

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8 hours ago, RAS1 said:

Ok. They have my parts but gave me 2 lengths to choose from. I couldn't decide which lengths. I will have to email them again.

Tell Mercedes you want the lengths per their new blueprints. The two lengths they told me were incorrect. The Studebaker archives charge $35 to look for prints then charge $3-$5 per page plus shipping. Contrary to most stuff on the internet, weasel prints aren’t free and can get costly pretty darn fast. PM me.

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