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Oil Filter size?

Kevin Vogel

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Evening. Does anyone know what modern oil filter to use on the Weasel? I've been to Napa 3 times now and struck out 3 times now in size. I even brought them my old one to compare & get the numbers off (which I bought at Napa 3 years back). They could not make any sense of the military numbers in the manual and their computers don't seem to go past the 70's.

I am trying to get my engine back together....





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Thanks. I will try to get that filter. The 3 local auto part store around here are not much help getting anything. If they can't call it up on their computer you are basically out of luck. When I lived in Vermont, the NAPA could find anything you needed. They had mountains of books and catalogs to find exactly what you need.




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While they are not perfect.... kaiser Willys is a very good starting point. I've learned a lot from their catalogs. Also, they try their best to help you out on the phone.

I've found that at Auto parts stores the person on the phone is always more important than the client at the counter. Therefore, I've learned to call first and ask all questions and try to get answers before I go in and wait at the counter. 

Good Luck

Stay Safe Everyone

Later 42rocker

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