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Questionable Ebay Seller

Patrick Tipton

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I purchased a T24 part from an Ebay seller in Poland in December 2021 who makes a number of parts for Weasels - or at least posts pictures of his parts. 

He never sent me a tracking number but when asked, claimed that he was away from his home and could not provide it.  He continually assured me that the package was shipped.

The package has not arrived as of today.

He continues to list products on Ebay.

I know of at least two other people who ordered and gave him more time than I did.  They waited so long that Ebay would no longer provide any recourse. 

I filed a complaint and received a refund from Ebay.

Caveat Emptor!


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I received the part that I ordered.  It was recently shipped.  There is no note, no receipt, no nothing!

Ebay already refunded the original price and shipping charges.

The part I ordered is a piece of the spot light mount for the T24/M29.  It is beautifully cast and machined.

So.....not sure what to think here.

One lesson for sure, if you have a problem as a seller, you need to communicate.

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