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Correcting steering drift


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As highlighted in the attached TB, my weasel also has a tendency to drift to the right when travelling a straight path. This drift necessitates the constant application of the left tiller to bring the weasel back on track. I am very confident that I don't have any underlying problems that could contribute to this drift so I thought that I would detail the corrective action taken as per the TB to alleviate this problem. Early days yet though. I have all but finished machining a brass spacer washer. The TB gives an option to fit one of three spacer washer thickness's. After some thought I have decided to try the thickest 3/8"inch/9.52mm washer first. If an over correction of the drift is observed then I can remove the spacer washer and machine it down further to a smaller thickness. The attached photo shows the spacer washer being machined. I would appreciate any feedback if other weasel owners here have found such spacer washers fitted to their weasels and more importantly what washer thickness was fitted. Stay tuned. 


TB 9-772-8.pdf

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2 hours ago, Jesse Browning said:

The only suggestion I would have is to make the spacer in two pieces that can be installed with out removing the track. 

@Jesse Browning Thanks Jesse for your welcome comment. I did indeed give some thought to machining a split spacer washer however I do need to remove the drivers side idler arm in order to sort a problem with the idler arm itself. When I grease the idler arm, grease exits from under the idler arm spring where the spring seats on the idler arm itself. I suspect that the drilled hole in the idler arm that locates the spring has been either drilled too deep or has corroded allowing grease to escape and in turn not allowing full lubrication of both idler arm bushings.

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One step forward, two steps backwards 😢😢 After machining the new spacer washer, I did a test fit on a spare front axle shaft. To my surprise (as you can see in the photo), it was a rattling good fit. My first thought was that I had made a mistake converting the old imperial dimensions into metric however after double checking, all conversions were spot on. The TB calls for an inside diameter of 57.15mm (2.250"inches) and the axle shaft Outside diameter measures 53.52mm (2.107"inches). That gives a clearance of 3.63mm (0.1425"inches). I can only assume that this is a typo mistake in the TB as I can see no reason to specify such a large clearance. Back to the lathe now to machine a replacement spacer washer.


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