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Track tension

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Hi everyone I have been working on my t15 tracks I had bought new belts for one side and when I get that track to tension I have to add 2 inches to the tensioner. The only thing I can come up with is the spring is sagged and needs re arching has anyone had this problem? and will it help?



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@Larry Mass I do not profess to be an expert on the T15/M28 however I do note a real disparity on the spring set between what you have shown in your photograph and what is shown in the manual not withstanding that you do have the spring under some tension.

Footnote: Larry the sizing of the illustration from the ORD Supply catalogue is unfortunately after a copy and paste is out of proportion however if you refer to the original document you can see what I am alluding to in my initial comment. If you don't have access to a manual, @Patrick Tipton Patrick is your go to man.


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This track is an original it is under a quite a lot of tension with just the ware block under the front spring stop bracket I couldn't use the rear spring stop bracket because I wouldn't have the correct Clearance. The previous pictures are from the other side with new belts from Mike Howard I don't think the belts are longer as the spacing between the track pads are the same on both sides that is why I think it is spring arch problem. The spring has some arch to it but doesn't look it has as much in your picture OZM29C. If I remember correctly there was a big chunk of metal welded under the spring when I got it but I thought it was due to the bad track belts. The tracks look like they are tensioned reasonably well so I think I will drive it like that for now.

Thanks for the help




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Larry, per our conversation, something looks wrong with the Track Idler Tension Spring....the "good side" looks correct, the arch seems to be going in the wrong direction on the side you are having trouble with.....Could the spring have been reassembled upside down...that is what it looks like to me.


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