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LAR Track Sprockets


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In the past I had feedback stating that the unmodified LAR track sprocket was responsible for 'shaving' metal from the LAR track guides. @Rob Wrecommended that I modify the LAR sprockets to prevent this problem. Before starting, frustratingly I had to further bore the sprockets as they initially would not fit onto my hubs.

Boring LAR sprocketS.jpg

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To again improve how the track guides feed into the LAR sprocket, there are two schools of thought on how this should be done. I represented the 'shaving' problem to LAR and their advice was to fit a set of sprocket off set spacer plates to add extra room for the track guide. I opted for the second option where I have removed the track sprocket  guide plates from the idler wheels (that will be bolted onto the LAR sprocket), machined the guide plates flat and  will then fit them as shown in the last photo. BTW the last photo clearly shows an unmodified LAR sprocket.

I hope that my LAR tracks will not prematurely wear in way of the track guides with these modifications.

Offset spacersS.jpg




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Interesting problem. I bought some Acurtite sprockets. They came with chamferred edges. I put them on the same way the front idler was installed with bolts only through the hub. I did not install bolts around the upper edge of the ring although the acurite sprocket was drilled and tapped for the bolts. I have to take the tracks off again anyway so will install the upper bolts later.I will watch the wear on the guide for sure and am glad you posted these pictures


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