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  1. Awesome Dan thank you. Did it have the data plate behind the seat?
  2. O.. i have more just have to down load them. I can start a t-24 and a m29 paint post. Have allot for them Currently have all 3 pattern prints for the 24 and 29
  3. Very nice John unfortunately this machine is a T24 im only looking for M29 s. The early m29s had UST24 hull tags over 1000 But i do understand that this is the last T-24 1002 so it is very helpful to see this vehicle. Im now only in search of ORD range 1003 to 2102 Thank you
  4. These are the 3 different factory patterns
  5. Yes these tabs are for crash pads
  6. Hello i have t15 692 The photo below is for the Thompson SMG bracket
  7. Calling all weasel enthusiasts!!!! Im looking for photos of (outside vehicle) and the "(data plate)" and "(Hull tag)". Im ONLY looking for........I repeat Im ONLY looking for the ORD range from 1002 to 2102.. Primary interest is in vehicles closer to ORD .2102 but any vehicle in this range is welcome. If the Hull number is a US T-24 but is higher than 1000 please include the photos I do not care what condition the vehicle is in. Side shots and both tags are all that is needed. If one tag is missing i still would like to see the rest of the photos. If the front of the vehicle can be in the same side shot thats perfect. This information will help in determining if a certain weasel body that i own is a production model or a "test /prototype". Once I have found more information on this I will share my findings. This could lead to finding photographic evidence of every production variation Studebaker produced. Thank you for your assistance. Photo for attention
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