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  1. Did you have to make some new clips for over the outer belt ? ? Yes, I staggered my joints over different grousers, and never had a problem.
  2. I used 7/8" thickness for the inner and 1/2" for the outer. Seemed to work fine.
  3. I brought both of mine out of the barn and into the shop. The company that has the molds for the boogie wheels is Kryptane 740 S. Pierce Ave Suite 5 Louisville, CO 80027 contact Stephen Ulm 303-664-9467 Not sure what the price would be now.
  4. Here are the boogie wheels we had professionally cast.
  5. I still have my two T-15's that I need bands for. Will keep in touch. Tom @ Snake River 4x4
  6. This is Tom @ Snake River 4x4 Due to my wife's and my health, I have retired. I was involved in the potato industry where we used a lot of belting and had the local suppliers and expertise. It was easy to do the Type 2 outer bands as they were set on 1 1/4" - 32 mm setting, which we could do on a machine. The Type 3 outer belts had to be done all my hand. We did try a water jet, but ended up blowing the plies of the belting apart. Very labor intensive, and costs kept going up. The cross plates on the Type 3 outer bands I had manufactured locally. I will gladly share my limited knowledge to further the project. I have a M29-C and two T-15's that need tracks.
  7. Looks typical for a T-15. This is machine # 708 ? ? I have two, but hung up on the tracks.
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