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T-24 #577


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This is my T-24 #577 project. It has what I have been told are a set of french tracks. Hull leaks water out quicker than you can put it in. I started working on it about a year ago and found multiple shades of bondo and then even got into some leading repairs. Got the belly cut out and now working on patching it back together.


Shift Plate.PNG


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10 hours ago, Wagoneer said:

I plan on doing a prototype setup on the Weasel. It should make it a little more versatile for its new mission of display. I am going to relocate the fuel tank and make that area into an additional seat for my Solider B



. 1399757997_PassengerFloor.thumb.PNG.5392046efede7faafc174246229b7918.PNG1612232757_WeaselPassengerSeat.thumb.JPG.19006482e9f01b1f95ffb3d7dfc159bc.JPG

So you want to do the Swedish army mod.



I have drawings of that installation that I made when I reconstructed mine. You can have a copy if you like.  

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This is where I am going to mount my fuel tank but I will do one that is smaller and sits flush with the back angle over rear axle housing so I can keep a seat in that location. I have not decided on my battery location yet but there is room if you relocate the voltage regulator or even beside the drive shaft


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20 hours ago, Aron Callewaert said:

are the fuel tank and the battery in the back in this setup?

Originally on the Swedish army weasels the batteries where relocated to behind the right passenger seat, with the cables run in the tunnel, and the fuel tank was installed in the rear float tank. 

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