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Floors almost done, now what?


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Since I have one track off as I plug weld the floor in, should I pull the rear end and replace the steering bands? It hasn’t been driven more that 50m before I started restoring the floor. Should I do any seals on the bogies? I have a spare set NOS. I plan on rerubbering (cold vulcanize glue and strip rubber) the drive and idler wheel also. any ideas?

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You might check a set of bogey seals And bearings to see how they are. Unless you drive it in sand or water every day the seals aren’t that important. Just keeps them greased up. I wouldn’t spend any time resurfacing the idler wheels when they are available on ebay for $45 NOS. That cheaper than I paid 6 years ago to have a set resurfaced.

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21 hours ago, Jesse Browning said:

They’re still there. $45 per wheel. I thought about buying a few but have no use for them now. It always happens that way. A halftrack pedestal, cradle, and can holder fell into my lap now that I dont have anything to put it in.

M25 pedestal? 
I have some NOS idlers and may throw those in but if I’m using Oscsr’s bands, no rubber on the drive wheels from what I’m told.

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