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Top Bow Drawings


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Here's a low res version of the norwegian made top bows. 912561866_Norskvesslakapellstllning.thumb.jpg.5ac657b9f1ee5fb611dff6933c848c64.jpg

I have a higher resolution one on my computer somewhere. If i find it I will post it here.

From what I have been told the original Studebaker drawings for the bows does not exists anymore so these are the ones that are closest to the original.

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Question:  what are the differences between the Norwegian bows and the original Studebaker bows?

I just got a set, but I am not sure exactly what I have - they are missing the "stays" on the second bow from the front...where the windshield section ties into what I would call the extensions.

I'll get pictures tomorrow.




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I think the Norwegians added or manufactured a bracket to mount ski racks to. If you happen to have the Norwegian mod I have several sets of ski racks with rough leather buckles. Not sure what this is a picture of it’s just for you to compare with


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