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Wtb m29c weasel canvas top


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So Dan at Beachwood lost his Weasel top patterns in Hurricane Sandy....and doesn't want to make more Weasel tops.   I am not sure about anyone else...but the hardest part is that there is a bunch of specialized hardware on them and no one makes it.....

I have a set of hardware, but am trying to find someone to make me a T24 top too...


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They have done a fair amount of work never saw it up close but have not found any bad feedback. They are located in England. They quoted me around 1000.00 USD for a top a few years ago. I have attached an email they sent me with a few pictures of their weasel tops. They don't supply any hardware though you have to supply your own in other words have an old top you can get the hardware from. I am sure this is the case with all top makers if you want original.  I bought some repro hardware from Liberty Auto years ago anticipating this problem it was not cheap still have it. Since then I got lucky and found 2 NOS tops made by McKenzie in 1954 paid a tidy amount of money but they are beautiful and crystal clear windows. The stuff is out there just have to be patient and have some luck to. 


Canvasco Top.png

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2 hours ago, Will Dodge said:

1K sounds great for winter top! Too great!

OMG!  I must have been out of the game to long, yes, everything goes up.  (except it seems the value of the vehicle itself)  🙂



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