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Wiring diagram for m29/m29c


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Hi everyone. I've recently been digging deep into the wiring of my weasel and found the TMs a bit lacking when it comes to wiring diagrams. They have multiple diagrams but not a composite of the entire thing. So I made one. I spoke with Patrick about some areas of this and we talked for a while on these things because some areas of the TM diagrams are hard to understand.

So here is my diagram and a list of the wires with size and colors based on what info is in the TMs. 

I will note that I did this based on a later model vehicle with the round headlight switch and electric fuel pump.. But the same information  could be used to work on earlier models. 

I hope this helps someone!




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Hi Corey,

That's some nice work done!
THanks for sharing.

I did a similar extercise a while ago and attached the file to this post.
My file is based on the M29C with the push/pull light switch.

I also added the ordering number for the following website.
I did not order any of these items yet, so there might be incorrectness.

Good luck with your wiring.


Wiring Studebaker Weasel.xlsx

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