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Jeep Tom - And my weasels


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Hello everyone.

Just making a post to introduce mysels on this new forum. 

Name is Tom, but called Jeep Tom (due to jeep hobby). Live in Sweden. Been in the weasel hobby since 2008 when I bought my first one. I think I have about 10 weasels at this moment, various conditions. T24, M29 and M29C.  I have had more bot sold of during the years to also buy other military vehicles to my collection.  At this moment I am restoring one of my floater weasels, but it goes slow, much else comes and take my time. Total about 35-40 military vehicles in my collection together with my girlfriend. MB/GPW, HD WLA, BMW R12, Zundap K500, BV202, BV206, MT-LB, CCKW, WC57, WC52, TP21 Sugga etc. 

also have a home page. www.jeeptom.com


Adding some various pictures, probably most have been seen on FB. 












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Have watched you snow trip to the cabin MANY MANY times. Your environment is very similar to mine here in Alaska.   I seem to remember that at least that one is re powered ( Volvo?) And it acts as though it maybe be an automatic? ....if so ....how does that work out for you. I feel as though in some instances an automatic transmission would be very good.

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