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Reproduction Weasel Seats

Hound Dog

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Had to do a run to replace some of my weasel seats. These are reproduction, unpainted weasel seats for sale. Price is $200 each plus shipping. Contact mike Howard at 712-249-0839 to order.  I also have some extra reproduction skirts and rudders for the M29C. Was going to do a 3rd floater, but decided to stay with the basics.





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There is a few details that is not correct on those seat backs. They don't have the folded over edge, the cut out in the bottom should have rounded corners, the hold-down bracket should be like the one in @Prc148 pic and the shape of the fastening hooks is incorrect. With that being said, none of these will be seen when the seat back is installed in the weasel, so those details dosen't matter. Unless you are a purist like me. Any reproduction is better then no reproduction.

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