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Stencils, Hull tags and ORD plates


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Fortunately I found my USA number on the hull side which helped identify my weasel. Apart from the USA number, all other data plates and hull tags etc were missing. On the old weasel forum I posted my USA number and was surprised to find that Jim Gilmore had the sister to my weasel. That gave me the ORD number for mine and I had to take a guesstimate on my Hull tag. As my weasel was a Letterkenny rebuild I opted to use a NOS post war ORD plate and I had Robert at Data Plates 4 U https://dataplates4u.com/ make a replacement Hull tag. I also had my stencils made by this company in the UK. https://www.axholmesigns.co.uk/



2012 11 1a.jpg

2012 11 1.jpg






Weasel Stencils - Final draft.pdf

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Well Men, I contacted Robert at the website OZM29 suggested. I don't want to be a wet blanket with bad news, but Robert told me via email that he doesn't make the "hull data plates" any more. Just like the Weasel track bands, another avenue of approach will have to be found. 

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Just as a FYI........


Original Weasel data plates were made of steel with a clear coating over that.

Brass data plates like the one that John posted a photo of are post war and made for the Weasel rebuild program ( as John noted).

If the Weasel production had gone on longer in 1945 ...cardboard data plates were to be used !!....like the VERY LATE DUKW's had.

Jim Gilmore

Jim Thorpe, PA.

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