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Water Weasel Rope or Line

Will Dodge

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@Patrick TiptonThe ORD 9SNLG 179 that Patrick sent me states that an M29C Capstan rope is 3 strand 3/4inch (19mm) diameter 100feet(30.5metres) in length. There were two part numbers for the rope, one part number supersedes the other. The older parts manual lists a tow rope for the M29 1inch (25.4mm) diameter 20feet (6.1metres) Long with7/8inch(22.23mm) hooks. 

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Will - the ORD 9 is the master parts manual for the Weasel.  There are two or three versions....a 1944 which has both the T15 (M28), M29 and M29C.  Then there is a 1953 edition which just covers the M29/C. 

The other manuals are TM 9-772 Operator & Basic Maintenance and TM 9-1772 Rebuild Manual.

Worth having - you can download them - I think they are in the articles section of this site, or we sell a bundle with all of them plus some other related information.

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TM 9-772 page 19 has a drawing of the rope with hooks. Page 24 on pdf. I could not find exact hooks online. I ordered 4 strand 3/4 Manilla with two hooks and the thimbles. I'll post photos when finished. Any tips on zinc removal? I assume they were not zinc coated? 

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